About us

Via sources from green fields to immense forests, Mother Earth brings us botanical gifts as natural and pure drops with marvelous functions, giving more spices to human life. These drops are Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Sandalwood, and other 300 kinds of botanic essences with pleasant aroma. Distillation of getting these precious drops is a strictly controlled manufacture process from harvest stage.

Natural drops, which are also known as essential oil, have been used since the ancient Egypt time as a spice of life. Essential oil is used widely: Room refreshing with essential oil, bath with essential oil, sauna with essential oil and massage with even more essential oil. Aroma of essential oil brings the smell of nature to our life, enhancing our health, comforting our feeling and enriching our skin beauty.

Warmly welcome you to our website of Farm & Forest Pure Essential Oil, which probably brings you many interesting and useful information about wonderful natural drops. Hope our products can bring you comfortable feeling as fresh grass and splendid beauty as pure flower petals.